Center of Genomics, Evolution and Medicine


cGEM project plans to recruit the ERA Chair and her/his research team by the end of the first year of the project for research capacity building. We will engage the ERA Chair (R4 level researcher) and three leading senior researchers (R3-R4 levels) as internationally renowned experts in the following research fields: evolutionary genetics, population genetics, computational genetics and genomics, functional genetics, bioinformatics, personalised medicine, medical diagnostics, molecular medicine, and/or clinical research.

In addition, we will allocate resources to involve at least six early stage researchers (3 post-docs and 3 PhD students) to the project from the second year of the project implementation.

Calls for vacancies:

  • ERA Chair holder – call closed (01.10.2018-03.01.2019)
  • Senior researchers – call closed (18.07.2019 – 16.09.2019)
  • Post-docs – calls closed (01.08.2020-01.10.2020)
  • PhD students – first call closed (open call for 1 PhD positions will be announced soon)
  • Research Specialist of Clinical Medicine – call closed 02.11.2020
  • Specialist of Clinical Medicine – call closed 02.11.2020

Call OPEN, for the following positions:

All opening calls will be made available here and on Institute of Genomics webpage