Center of Genomics, Evolution and Medicine

Winter school detailed schedule

The Genomics, Evolution and Medicine Winter school detailed schedule is now available!

The event will be held on 4-8th of December online and 27 applicants will have the opportunity to improve their skills!



Day 1 (Monday, 04/12): Natural selection inference

10:00 Introduction to the summer school (Anders Eriksson)

10:30 A primer in the theory and methods for inferring natural selection (Vasili Pankratov)

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 Practical on evolutionary inference with Relate and Clues (Vasili Pankratov)

17:00 End of day


Day 2 (Tuesday, 05/12): Evolution of complex traits

10:00 Q&A

11:00 Evolution of complex traits (Anders Eriksson)

12:00 Lunch break

13:00 Testing polygenic selection with PAML – method overview and practical (Vasili Pankratov)

17:00 End of day


Day 3 (Wednesday, 06/12): Inferring selection from ancient DNA

10:00 Introduction to ancient DNA analysis (Anders Eriksson)

11:00 Practical (Anders Eriksson)

13:00 End of day / self-study time


Day 4 (Thursday, 07.12.2023) Introgression from archaic humans and deep learning methods for evolutionary inference

10.00 Python Data Science 101 Practical (Mayukh Mondal)

11.00 Neandertal admixture Theory (Danat Yermakovich)

12.00 Neandertal admixture Practical (Danat Yermakovich)

13:30 Lunch break

14:30 Neural Network Theory (Mayukh Mondal)

15:30 Neural Network Practical (Mayukh Mondal)

17:00 End of day


Day 5 (Friday 08/12) Theory and applications of immunoprofiling

10:00 Molecular profiling of the immune system – methods and applications

11:00 Practical

12:00 Final Q&A

13:00 End of summer school