Center of Genomics, Evolution and Medicine

Advisory Panel

An International Advisory Panel (IAP) was established to assist the ERA Chair holder and her/his team in achieving cGEM’s goals in

i) setting their research strategy and action plans to build on the current strengths and tackle the known weaknesses;

ii) improving research excellence and coherence with European research priorities;

iii) extending the centre’s impact in clinical research and facilitating translation of the basic research findings into health care applications.

International Anvisory Panel members are:

Luis Quintana-Murci, PhD,

Head of Laboratory of Human Evolutionary Genetics,

Institut Pasteur, France

Prof. Thomas Meitinger PhD,

Helmholtz Zentrum München and

University Clinic of the Technische Universität München, Germany

Prof. Cisca Wijmenga, PhD

Professor of Human Genetics,

University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands

Johannes Krause PhD,

Director of The Department of Archaeogenetics,

Max Planck Institute, Germany

Lars Jonsson,

Founder and former director at Uppsala University Holding AB